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About August C Etsch

    My name is August, but  I'm known by several names about Chicago "ACE" is one, for obvious reasons.  "Starbuck"  is another, as foil to my close friend  Toby Lindo's  "Ahab" as we cruise the Great Lakes on the restored wooden 40' 1936 Grebe Sedan Cruiser ROBERT ALLEN II.  

     Boats are in my blood, by name and deed.  From the great shipyards of Glasgow, Scotland where my Great-Great Grandfather Goodfellow pounded his first trunnel, to the shores of Lake Michigan where I carry on in the maritime traditions of my family working on the things I love best.  Boats!

     Before settling in Chicago I've put many  miles under my keel in different disciplines.  Always an unapologetic Geek,  I started fresh out of school as an R&D Chemist, .   The spirit of adventure and Patriotism took me into enlisting into the service deployed to numerous locations over some twenty-seven years as both an enlisted man and  officer in the U.S. Army.   I seguayed  to a fascninating nineteen year stint working  for AT&T Bell Labs and several "Skunkworks" developing seminal technologies that we find all around us today.   Yes, I was was finally glad to retire!   

     It gave me time to reflect on what made me happy.  That meant back to boats!  So much for "retirement"!  I set out and rescued a beautiful wooden Yawl , ATARAXIA.  The boats name means a  "State of Serene Calmness" or Tranquility in Greek.  That's all fine and well, but I needed more challenges  so...

     I started Etsch Marine Consulting  in Chicago to help boaters understand, maintain, upgrade, repair and enjoy their vessels no matter how grand or humble.

     I'm now working on numerous boat projects throughout the Chicago area harbors and yacht yards as well as several other states.   Specializing in onboard Electrical and Electronics Systems, I'm a member of the NMEA standards body receiving certification in marine electronics and the GEMECO Airmar Certification for Ultrasonic transducers among others.

     To best serve my customers, I feel it's important to maintain a close link to the dynamic Maritime community in Chicago.  The best way to accomplish that is as an active  member of the International Shipmasters' Assoiation, Lodge #3 where I work closely with the Coast Guard, Commercial and Recreational boating communities.    

     Then there's the kids. There's nothing like building and sailing a boat that you've made with your own hands.  Since kids are our future,  I'm a founding member of the Chicago Maritime Arts Center, a local non-profit  501c3 helping Chicago kids throughout city  learn basic Boatbuilding and the associated practical STEM skills that will help them rise to meet modern challenges as they grow. 

     My future, who knows.   If things stay on course my future will  include another sailing adventure.  That adventure that might just include "A short sail across the pond"!   

See you on the water! Cheers, August



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